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The Prince of Egypt: between Facts and Fictions

By Yousif Al Hamadi Introduction Cinema began to play a role in education and became a source of information for many people and many educational institutions. Teachers in their classes often rely on guiding their students to watch a specific film to clarify the idea of ​​the lesson, convey information, or even explain the whole […]

QFA 2020 Jersey

A group of pictures of the new Qatar team’s jersey for the year 2020 has been leaked. A website published an article that shows the shirt with distinct detail and designed by Nike, the sponsor of the QFA uniform since 2010. The association found itself in a position that it has to hurry to launch […]

QFA Ramadan 1441

The Qatar Football Association (QFA) hired Red Dot Films to produce an Ad that addresses the religious and societal aspects to be posted during Ramadan on their social media platforms, taking advantage of the football players who influence a large segment of the audience. The advertisement focused on three aspects, the aspect of worship, the […]


Red Dot films just finished an infographic video as a brief explanation of how is the OnePort app is used and how are maintenance operations carried out. The idea of the application is to facilitate real-estates’ maintenance activities through a user-friendly platform.