Alfursa (2014)

Alfursa logo

Alfursa/ The opportunity (2014) A reality TV Show that picked school-going children 9 to 16 years and trained them as video journalists. 12 teams of a Presenter/ Producer, Cameraman, Sound Recordist and Editor competed amongst themselves to win the award of 200,000 QAR.

My Dream Career (2014)

Through thirty animated clips and a song in My Dream Career Campaign, The Childhood Cultural Center (CCC) used their figures, Waad, Zena, Shater and Amal. The campaign is to clarify the role of social, economic and developmental sectors, looking forward to expanding the horizon of children by focusing on talents to create better models in all areas.

Book of Wisdoms


Civilisations and cultures differ, yet people agree upon the principles of good manners, which are considered the main aspects to lead any society to be an ideal. Through The series Book of Wisdoms, good manners will be reflected in a series of stories of the elderly person who guides and councils his grandson through a dramatic and distinct narration in a Khaleji environment similar to the Khaleji society at the present time.

The Advises is presented as stories by scientists and wise men through the Book of Wisdoms, in which the characters of the story are personated. Each story finishes by enjoyably stressing that message for the audience.