QFA Ramadan 1442

The Qatar Football Association (QFA) has engaged Red Dot Films to create a 3D animated film for Ramadan 1442.

The aim is to encourage those observing the fast to stay active and avoid excessive sitting, sleeping, and screen time, particularly among young people and children who are prone to phone addiction.

The ad targets young people and kids and invites them to participate in physical activities such as football and visiting public parks.

model sheet of QFA new character

A new character, sporting the national team uniform, is introduced to represent the QFA in media, appealing to the target audience.

Abdulrahman Al Abduljabar, the QFA’s social media specialist, says “the association’s goal is to educate children about the value of sports and the new character is a way to reach and connect with them.”

3D model of the new QFA character

Yousif Al Hamadi, Art Director of Red Dot Films, states that “a simple and straightforward ad was agreed upon, with the focus solely on the new character, set in a neighborhood like Najma to emphasize its simplicity.”

Red Dot Films has previously produced 2D animations and motion graphics for the QFA, but this is their first 3D production for the association.

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