Red Dot Films established in Qatar in 2010. It has been known for its cutting edge communications through Corporate films, Feature films, Television Shows, Commercials, Documentaries, Animations, and more. It weaves together creativity, talent, and beauty to tell compelling stories that leave an impact. Additionally, its competencies enable it to deliver the entire crew and equipment for international and local companies.
Red Dot has a complete understanding of media and all its aspects and has access to the fundamental insights of people locally and internationally. Its editorial and technical team considers what the audience wants, how they think, their feelings, and expectations. It is a company immersed in people’s everyday life and tries to represent it precisely.

Red Dot consists of a distinguished editorial and technical staff. It can provide all media services, whether journalism, content provision, advertising, and all types of film production, including all stages from development to pre-production to production to post-production and distribution, whether for traditional media or new media. Moreover, most of its staff are qualified outstandingly and have won awards during their careers.

Editorially, Red Dot can provide stunning concepts followed by detailed treatments that suit any media platform and form of communication. Moreover, it often researches, analyzes, and studies the work before starting its production, then analyses all the data to reach the desired objectives to build the implementation strategy properly. In addition, Red Dot’s editorial team is skilled in providing creative scripts, fiction and non-fiction, including all genres. Similarly, most of its directors, directors of photography, art directors, and whoever involved in the production work with international quality standards on the technical side.