Animated Promo for 2021 FIFA Arab CUP

The Qatar Football Association (QFA) contracted with Red Dot Films to produce an animated promotion for the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup.

2021 FIFA Arab Cup logo

Red Dot produced the promo using 3D animation technology, influenced by an ad produced by the telecommunications provider Movistar, a sponsor of the Colombian national team.

Red Dot’s contributions to the Shura Council elections campaigns

During the past three weeks, Red Dot Films contributed to providing its services to the candidates of the Qatari Shura Council. <...more...>

Red Dot offered its expertise, equipment and technicians to show the candidates’ messages professionally and in a high-quality manner.

The person who has benefited the most from Red Dot is the Lawyer Rashid Nasser Al Nuaimi, candidate for Constituency 26, former Chairman of Qatar Lawyers’ Association (QLA).

Red Dot cooperated with the Al Nuaimi’s family to provide the candidate with short films, short visuals, audio clips, a song, a visual identity, seminars and dialogues with live coverage on social media platforms.

In fact, Qatar is based on a tribal lifestyle. The media and promotional work of the candidates is not really supportive compared to the cohesion and support of the tribe for their candidates.

The Director-General of Red Dot, Shadab Khan, said, “it is crucial to points out that Qataris are aware of media, but its role in changing people’s opinions is weak or in some cases non-existent. People vote for their cousins, and who has bigger tribe wins.”

The QFA’s 3D Boy Again In CONCACAF Animated Promo

QFA CONCACAF campaign poster

On Sunday, the 11th of July, the Qatar Football Association (QFA) published an animated promotion produced by Red Dot Films for the Qatari national team’s participation in the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup, which is held in the United States of America.

Red Dot Films and its Cinematographic Skills in Mosque Architecture

Red Dot Films has been known for its exceptional skill in cinematography, and in Qatar, it has been the perfect choice for filming architectural footage.

Architecture photography is considered a speciality and a genre by itself. The Qatari photographer Ali Al-Nuaimi briefly explains, “any capture consists of elements that involve human intervention falls under the architecture genre such as buildings and bridges. If it does not consist of human intervention, it falls under the landscape, such as waterfalls and fields.” In the same context, the videography is categorised.

Ali Al-Nuaimi Photography

A Battle in Illumination: comparing the ARRI HMI M-series and the ARRI Skypanel

By Miri-Joan de Wet

When it comes to film lighting, the wrong light can not only cost the production, but it can also set wrong tone, look unprofessional and create a completely different atmosphere than the one you intended. That’s why it is essential to get this right and where else to start but with the lights themselves.

In this battle of illumination our two competitors are considered the most accomplished and commonly utilised lights in the industry. We will be comparing the ARRI HMI M-series and the ARRI Skypanel. Here you’ll find a comprehensive review of the two types of lights and how you can use them to best illuminate your stories.

Arri M-Series - Working with HMI Lighting - Hurlbut Academy
Arri SkyPanel light

The Architecture of the Ottoman Provinces

By Yousif Al Hamadi


The Turks entered Anatolia at the beginning of the 13th century. They are originally Mongol who displaced from Central Asia and headed west to Anatolia after the Battle of Manzikert, in which the Muslims defeated the Byzantine army in 1071.[1] During the 13th century, the Seljuks dynasty of Rum (1077-1308) declined because of the repeated Mongol attacks, and Anatolia has divided into small principalities, to twenty Anatolian beyliks.[2] Osman I (1258-1326), one of the beyliks leaders, whose history is uncertain. However, he was the founder of the Ottoman dynasty. He declared independence from Seljuks in 1299, extended the control of his principality, and eventually conquered Byzantine towns along the Sakarya River.[3] The Ottomans continued to expand, and in a short period, extended their hold over all of Anatolia. In 1453, they captured Constantinople and ended the Byzantine Empire under Mehmed the Conqueror (r. 1444 – 1481), who changed the city’s name to Istanbul.[4] 

Figure 1: The Ottoman Empire at its greatest extent in 1683 (

QFA Ramadan 1442

The Qatar Football Association (QFA) has hired Red Dot Films to produce a 3D animated film for Ramadan 1442.

The idea was based on advising those who are fasting to move their bodies and exercise, which will reflect on their body and mind with benefit. It also advises them to avoid sleeping, sitting and watching TV, especially the younger generations and children who are addicted to mobile devices and phones.