A Memory of Borders (2015)

Red Dot produced several documentaries that broadcasted on TV channels and in cinema. It can provide comprehensive research and studies on the topics meant to be documented. It also can provide scripts and scenarios that fit the medium where the product is intended to be shown on. Red Dot considers all details, tries to reach the best cinematic techniques, and supports the presented topics and ideas with illustrations, graphics, animation, and visualisation. Among what produced.

Thakerat Alhodood/ A Memory of Borders (Khalil Almozian, 2015) is a first-hand experience of the survivors of the 2014 Gaza incursion by Israel. It documents the horrors of the people who lost everything and were left behind to rebuild their lives from scratch.

The Israeli bombing focused on the borders, so Red Dot decided to conduct interviews with affected families and personalities. After the idea was formed and the key people identified, a detailed treatment was written.

Based on the treatment, the shooting method, the needed equipment, the production team, and the budget were determined. Then the team began shooting all the interviews, the necessary footage and gathering the required archival materials.

Finally, the film material edited, and the first cut completed. After several revisions, the team came up with a final version.

This Documentary was scripted with the Camera. We did have a skeleton in mind, but there was no script to refer to. We filmed and then played the interviews over and over again in order to write the script. After completing the film, we realised that the film was too sad and heart-wrenching. We wanted to end the film on a high note. We went back to Gaza a year later and shot the same people after rebuilding their lives.

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