Alfursa (2014)

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Alfursa/ The opportunity (2014) A reality TV Show that picked school-going children 9 to 16 years and trained them as video journalists. 12 teams of a Presenter/ Producer, Cameraman, Sound Recordist and Editor competed amongst themselves to win the award of 200,000 QAR.

The show was sponsored by Childhood Cultural Centre (CCC) and Al Jazeera Media Training Centre, while intensive training was provided to the teams’ members, preparing them to script their stories, film and showcase them.

Three well-known personalities were elected as judges, Hassan Alsai, Tyseer Abdullah, and Saad Burshaid. They gave points on the overall quality and content. After eliminations, Three teams reached the finals, and a winner was announced.

Alfursa trailer


Pre Production: 3 Months

Formatting, Research Scripting, Crewing, Equipment purchase and Equipment locking, Selecting participants from different Schools in Qatar, Partnerships with Co-Sponsors, Scripting.

Participants Selection 30: days

A panel of selectors conducted Interviews with hundreds of participants, Filming their interviews and their CVs on camera, finalising the participants and teams formation.

Filming: 90 days

Principal Filming was done with four different Crews around Qatar and weekly filming on set where the teams premiered their films for the judges.

Post Production: 4 Months

Editing, Upgrading, Mixing, Compositing, and Finalizing 13 episodes.

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