Book of Wisdoms


Civilisations and cultures differ, yet people agree upon the principles of good manners, which are considered the main aspects to lead any society to be an ideal. Through The series Book of Wisdoms, good manners will be reflected in a series of stories of the elderly person who guides and councils his grandson through a dramatic and distinct narration in a Khaleji environment similar to the Khaleji society at the present time.

The Advises is presented as stories by scientists and wise men through the Book of Wisdoms, in which the characters of the story are personated. Each story finishes by enjoyably stressing that message for the audience.


  • Activating the role of guidance.
  • raising awareness by giving examples of different cultures.
  • Encourage children and lead them to the field of research and knowledge.
  • Fostering the behavioural aspects of children and youth and correct it.
  • Activating the role of the animation in the process of the guidance through media to reach the highest levels.

Duration: 5 minutes – 30 episodes

Target audience: 8-16 years old


Grandfather Abdel Hakim
An elderly person named Abdel Hakim, with a short white beard and wears big medical glasses on his nose. His features reflect strength and determination. He wears a Qatari costume. He is the main narrator of the stories through The Book of Wisdoms, which is open in each episode with special music and effects.

A boy aged 9 years old. Full of imagination. His features are reflected by his wide eyes that show his love for sciences and curiosity to know more and inquire about everything around him. He is of reasonable height to his age, with a round face full of joy and happiness. His eyes reflect brightness that helps him see the window of imagination when it opens to him.


The Book of Wisdoms
A time transition moves Hassan in each story narrated to him by his grandfather to the imaginary life. Exciting Stories embodied when the book is opened with special music playing. A cloud of smoke hovers over the pages of the book. The characters of the story represent the sample. At the end of the story, they return to reality to compare and contrast each behaviour’s advantages and disadvantages.

The Book of Wisdoms


There is a mixture of different styles. Reality life is shown as 3D Cartoon animation. All the scenes are located in a Khaleji family house with the atmosphere of the houses in a neighbourhood. A Majles behind the house modelled on an old traditional style. The Wisdoms Book locate in the Majles. The imaginary life of the stories in the book is shown as a 2D cartoon with special compositing.

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