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Red Dot Films has recently finished producing a new animated series for Islamweb’s children website, Boys & Girls, consisting of 20 educational episodes and focusing on values ​​and behaviours from an Islamic angle.

Boy and Girls Poster

The work is supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which claims that it is enhancing the Qatari identity through perfecting righteous work, endorsing communitarianism, upholding the value of science, protecting the environment, taking care of time, and promoting patriotism.

The new series was directed by Mohamed Dandarawi, written by Mohamed Al-Ghazali and Hamdi Attia, and produced by Yousif Al Hamadi as a collaboration between Red Dot Films Qatar and Egypt.

The boys and Girls website focuses its themes and stories on one family، consisting of 6 characters, a father, a mother, 3 sons and a daughter, Omar, Mohanad, Zaid, and Salma. However, this time two more characters were added, representing the Gulf region, Nasser and Fatima.


Dandarawi said: “The animation has mainly relied on Moho, which specializes in a vector-based two-dimensional drawing. It provides professional, powerful and easy to use animation and rigging tools”.

Fatima, Salma, Nasser, Omar, and Mohanad are leaving school
Fatima and Salma are doing useful work
The main family of Boys and Girls

Al Hamadi said, “We are happy to be part of this edifice that seeks to educate Muslims, and we hope that Red Dot continues to contribute to this type of production.”

“The production was not easy due to the Coronavirus conditions, which forced the team to work from their homes and to rely entirely on remote communication, which affected the number of the team and the sequence of production tasks”, Al Hamadi added.

The new look of the teacher Adnan
Eshraq, A new female teacher

The boys and Girls website is available in Arabic and English and has won the World Summit Award (WSA) of 2007 as the best interactive entertainment site for children.

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