CCC’s National Day Promotion

The Children’s Cultural Center appointed Red Dot Films to film a promotion for National Day in 2012. Yousif Al-Maadadi, the centre’s media specialist, was the producer and director of the work.

CCC Logo

Four children were shot in four locations as if everyone representing something. A girl was a school student, another girl was a university student, a boy was a pilot, and another boy was an engineer.

As a model, the reporter of Alkass TV channel, Abdulrahman Alabduljabbar, contributed to the promotion as an engineer accompanying the child. This scene shot on the roof of one of the buildings of Katara Cultural Village.

Alabduljabbar says, “It was a wonderful experience to contribute to a work for children. Dealing with them is not easy, but it is fun. However, the heat was severe on the day of shooting”.


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