Red Dot films just finished an infographic video as a brief explanation of how is the OnePort app is used and how are maintenance operations carried out.

The idea of the application is to facilitate real-estates’ maintenance activities through a user-friendly platform.

The video executed by compositing vector elements, explicitly illustrated for this work, explaining how to use the application, making a maintenance request, receiving the request, in addition to the benefits that will result from the application, such as the availability of an organised and clear database.

Voicearchive recorded the voiceover, which provided many samples in different dialects, making it easy for the client to choose what suits them.

Saud Al-Dulaimi, OnePort’s partner and director of business development, says, “Working with Red Dot was convenient, as they provided us with everything we asked for without delay, frankly, their job is beautiful”.

Red Dot films has a skilled animation, graphics and compositing team, while it has been producing animated series and films, in addition to educational, awareness and informational materials.

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