QFA 2020 Jersey

A group of pictures of the new Qatar team’s jersey for the year 2020 has been leaked. A website published an article that shows the shirt with distinct detail and designed by Nike, the sponsor of the QFA uniform since 2010. The association found itself in a position that it has to hurry to launch a promotional campaign for the new kit.


A promotional campaign often accompanies the new outfit. Within this campaign, a one-minute video is produced, expressing the identity and spirit of the new outfit and the purpose of appearing in a new outfit. Accordingly, QFA hired Red Dot Films to the video.

Red Dot worked on an idea in the beginning showing the team members as stars treated in a special way. The shooting permits obtained and the shooting completed. After submitting the first cut, the decision-makers in QFA refused the whole idea.

Fortunately, Red Dot bought a new probe lense lately and wanted to try it. So the team took some shots of Yousif Al Hamadi, the creative head of Red Dot, wearing QFA Jersey and other shots of the shirt and the short pants.

Laowa 24mm F14 2x Macro Probe Lens - Canon EF
Laowa 24mm F14 2x Macro Probe Lens

Hence, the footage was edited nicely with a music background, resulting another backup promotion. It was sent to QFA, and they were happy about it. This one day of shooting in the office was a saviour for the situation.

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