QFA Ramadan 1441

The Qatar Football Association (QFA) engaged Red Dot Films to create a social media ad to be posted during Ramadan, utilizing the influence of football players on a large segment of the audience.

QFA Ramadan Film, , net-toxic - CGSociety
The end shot of the Ad

The ad focuses on three themes: worship, work, and family/society, featuring Al-Moez Ali, Akram Afif, and Saad Al-Sheeb as representative cartoon characters.

Al-Moez Ali Model Sheet
Akram Afif Model Sheet
Saad Al-Sheeb Model Sheet
Saad Al-Sheeb Model Sheet

The players’ voices were recorded at Katara Studios, known for its high-quality equipment and technicians. Additionally, the players’ presence in the studio allowed for photos to be taken from different angles, as access to the players was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.

According to Mohamed Dandrawi, the Art Director, “the ad was designed with an outline style for the background, filled with bright colors, and a stop-motion feel for the animation, making it different from typical ads.”

QFA Ramadan Ad of 1441

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