Red Bull – Road to Recovery

Tape Studio hired Red Dot Films last month to produce an infographic video for Red Bull, showing its challenges in the Qatari market and its recovery plan.

Red Bull chose to adopt the theme Road to Recovery for their business plan of 2020 because Qatar has been under blockade since June 5th, 2017. Moreover, Qatar imposed a 100% tax on the energy drinks category since January 1st, 2019.

The infographic video shall serve as an introduction to show the positive way forward that is anticipated for Qatar as a country. It includes little content about Red Bull compared to other information about the Qatari market.

Red Bull wanted to highlight the GDP Purchasing power, the rank of Qatar in MEA markets, the population growth, the situation of the tourism, real-estate, and Food and Beverage sectors.

Red Bull also wanted to compare itself with other brands of this category in the Qatari market, the prominent ones and the ones that suffer.

Additionally, Red Bull wants to show the expectations of the situation of the Qatari market in the coming years, as Qatar seeks to host the World Cup, which will be of great benefit to it.

Red Dot films has a skilled animation, graphics and compositing team, while it has been producing animated series and films, in addition to educational, awareness and informational materials.

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