Red Dot Films Raises the Bar for Ooredoo Doha Marathon 2024 with Outstanding Coverage

The Ooredoo Doha Marathon 2024 hosted over 15,000 runners this year, enhancing its reputation as a leading global marathon event. Among the participants, a select few of the world’s elite professional runners, who hold world records, lined up for the full marathon, covering a distance of 42.2 kilometres.

Ahmed Al-Saadeh, the director of the live coverage, spoke about the collaboration with Ooredoo and the Qatar Athletic Federation, saying: “Their support was effective in enhancing our broadcasting capabilities. Thanks to the services provided by Ooredoo and QAF, we could present a broadcast that embodies the race and the spirit and grandeur of marathon running.”

Red Dot Films’ coverage was a strategic orchestration, utilizing four cameras tracking the runners and two drone cameras, capturing the absolute design and endurance of the marathon participants against the breathtaking skyline of Doha. This excellent setup ensured that the marathon was broadcast live on Ooredoo TV and its YouTube channel, reaching audiences worldwide.

Highlights from Ooredoo Doha Marathon 2024

Despite the large turnout, Red Dot’s coverage focused on the full professional marathon race, where the world’s elite runners exhibited their exceptional prowess. The route map, which highlighted vital services along the course, also served as a strategic tool for the Red Dot team to provide the best possible coverage at key locations.

The partnership with Ooredoo and QAF was also crucial in providing a platform for showcasing the marathon. The president of Qatar Athlatic Federation (QAF), Mohamed Al Fadhala commented: “The professionalism of Red Dot and their insightful vision in marathon broadcasting has greatly enhanced the viewing experience, contributing significant value to our event and the broader sports community.”

The Ooredoo Doha Marathon 2024 was not a first, with professional coverage from Red Dot Films and support from Ooredoo and QAF. Red Dot Films’ expertise in live event coverage was again evident as they built on their previous year’s success and continued to elevate the standard of sports broadcasting.

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