AI knocks at the production doors and eliminates key jobs

In a motion comic promotional film for the Qatar Football Association (QFA), artificial intelligence (AI) was introduced, announcing the end of concept design.

The QFA promotion is one of several promotional films produced for a campaign that invites the Qatari national team fans to support the team in its participation in the 2022 World Cup.

QFA’s motion comic promotional film

The influencers, Muhammad Adnan and Abdullah Al-Ghafri, are followed and loved by a large segment locally and regionally and are used to promote the message broadly.

The influencers were drawn, and their voices were recorded to lead the promotion sequence. Then all the elements were composited to reach the desired result.

The use of AI in the promotional video is seen in some backgrounds exported from the Midjourney image generator, such as the stadium background in the shot where Hassan Al Haydos stands between the influencers, Adnan and Al Ghafri, in the foreground.

The high quality of the image and the ability to choose the style, whether in watercolor, oil color, or as a realistic photograph, can be generated by a simple description.

The text used to describe the image is

extreme wide shot of a soccer stadium in the style of comic book --ar 4:5
Stadium image generated by Midjourney

In the following shot, in which the influencers talk about the fans supporting and travelling with the Qatari team to different countries, many elements and images were generated from Midjourney as well, and a 4:1 artwork was formed and designed using Photoshop.

office room wall, comic book style --ar 16:9
world map, comic book style --ar 5:4 --q 1
soccer player wearing a maroon jersey in the middle of an empty stadium, comic book style --ar 1:2 --q 2 --s 6000
illustration of office ::2 blackboard ::1.5, isometric, comic book style --ar 16:9 --q 2 --s 6000

The final result

While in the picture of the Doha Corniche showing Doha downtown, it was found that Midjourney provides abstract images far from the real ones, so the Dreamstudio image generator was used, which provided something closer to the sought image.
In general, all of these generators are in continuous and rapid development, but they are still inaccurate and there is difficulty in providing an image that includes all the sought background and foreground elements, but indeed this will be reached soon.

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