QFA Comic Ad

In March 2020, the Qatar Football Association (QFA) asked Red Dot Films for an awareness ad that invites the public to stay at home at the height of the pandemic.

Hassan Al Haydos sketch

The ad was a huge success, as it is primarily a product of social media platforms, but TV channels, such as BeIN and QTV also showed it on their screens.

Red Dot produced a different idea than expected. It used comic drawings of Qatar national team captain Hassan Al Haydos showing concern for his health, worried about going out and exercising at home, calling on the public to use the time to practice their hobby and sit with their children.

The ad has Al Haydos’ voice and uses real pictures of his real kids playing with him, while he says in the ad, “I discovered that the best game for my kids that I play with them”.

Hassan Al-Haydos, , net-toxic - CGSociety
Al Haydos with his kids

A lengthy discussion was made with Al-Haydos and with QFA about the hobbies and activities that should be practised during spare time. The idea of video games and playing music was excluded, and it was agreed to read the Qur’an, watch the favourite shows, painting and most importantly, plant a seed in remembrance of the hadith of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.

The ending shot in the ad shows the comic book on a table, and on one page a long shot of Al Haydos, and on the other page the QFA logo above two hashtags “Stay at home for Qatar” and “Your safety is my safety”. Both are trending in Qatar, so they were reinforced through this ad.

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