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The Realist Shaping of Meaning in Portraying of War

By Yousif Al Hamadi Throughout history, artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers played an essential role in portraying wars. However, when their work became more authentic and realistic, it became difficult to be accepted by the public and the authorities. Generally, this is because of the amount of destruction represented by the bloodshed of wars, such […]

Engaging and Shaping the Theme of Nationalism in Depicting Wars

By Yousif Al Hamadi National identity consists of a group of behaviors and values that differentiate members of a country spiritually and culturally. It gives individuals and the collective a meaning of belonging to their nation to feel stable and united, especially during conflicts and wars. The theme of national identity has been represented by […]

The Impact of Media: Shaping Our Minds and Hearts

By Yousif Al Hamadi Today, media research includes studies on media effects and media content analysis, which show how people use messages they receive from the media. Major research studies have examined the effects of the media and some of its roles in people’s lives. Media scholars and researchers initially presented theories that showed extreme […]

The Architecture of the Ottoman Provinces

By Yousif Al Hamadi History The Turks entered Anatolia at the beginning of the 13th century. They are originally Mongol who displaced from Central Asia and headed west to Anatolia after the Battle of Manzikert, in which the Muslims defeated the Byzantine army in 1071.[1] During the 13th century, the Seljuks dynasty of Rum (1077-1308) declined […]

Zaytuna Mosque

By Yousif Al Hamadi Introduction Islamic architecture is distinguished by the style of mosques upholding their own distinctive architectural characteristics. Oleg Grabar said the mosque carries symbolic signs. Some are religious and exist in every mosque, such as the mihrab, or administrative, such as the minbar, or associated with the ruler, such as the maqsura, […]

Digital Technologies Challenged the Broadcast Model

Media broadcasting started to be recognized in the late nineteenth century as a powerful means to change values and behaviors. After the Second World War, technologies began to be used by people massively, and digital technology started to characterize media broadcasting differently, creating challenges to governments to regulate it. Many harmful and unacceptable information began […]

Peppa Pig and screen-time are invading the house

By Yousif Al Hamadi During the 1970s, television technology became more attainable and less expensive, allowing individuals to take part in television production and distribution. This economic advancement made it possible for the public to view television programmes explicitly produced for specific audiences, as in drama, sports, or news programmes (Cassidy, 2011). Children’s programmes have […]

An argument celebrates Dennis Potter as a true author (auteur) of his television dramas.

Dennis Potter was amongst the many screenwriters that took cinema and television to a higher level of acknowledgement, creating a pivotal moment in the artistic side of television. Initially, the notion of the true author was in the cinematic medium and later considered in television. Through this theory, critics have analyzed the work of skilled […]

Successfully, 12 Angry Men (Lumet, 1957) Reflects Social and Political Tensions in 1950s America

The United States of America had an economic boom during the post-war period, leaving the 1930s economic depression and the Second World War behind their backs. Unfortunately, the Cold War started immediately in 1947, raising the American people’s tension. Films played a role in portraying social movements during the 1950s. In parallel, during the same […]

Come and See

The Second World War brought massive destruction and loss to Europe from displaced people, sicknesses, injuries, and death. Filmmakers impacted by these tragedies have taken to cinematography and film as a form of expression to show the horrible image of the war. One of the most outstanding films portraying the Second World War is Idi i […]