The QFA’s 3D Boy Again In CONCACAF Animated Promo

QFA CONCACAF campaign poster

On Sunday, the 11th of July, the Qatar Football Association (QFA) published an animated promotion produced by Red Dot Films for the Qatari national team’s participation in the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup, which is held in the United States of America.

This competition will be an uneasy experience for the Qatari team, which will face strong teams such as the United States, Costa Rica and Mexico, the most titleholders. The Qatari team is the first Arabic team to be hosted in it, and we hope to be the first guest to win it.

The promo reminds its viewers of the achievements and victories of the Qatari team during the past years, which made it qualified to become a guest among the North and Central America and the Caribbean teams. It also calls the team’s fans to encourage and support it.

The Red Dot team produced the promo using 3D animation with some rotoscoped shots, confirming the company’s ability in the field. However, mixing more than one animation style occurs in films and shows frequently.

QFA’s boy in CONCACAF promotion.

The boy’s character, who first appeared last Ramadan, appears in this one too, but this time with other characters, while this animated promotion consists of three main characters.

Clearly, the QFA is keen to show some of its sponsors, such as the Qatar Airways plane and logo, which appears in three shots, in addition to the Nike logo, which is on the boy’s shirt and all the footballs.

The promotion also consists of a voiceover in the Qatari dialect for a child and an adult. The adult performed by Ali Al Maslamani, a well-known sports presenter for Al Jazeera Arabic channel.

Working on the project took about two months, and 25 people from Doha, Cairo and Bombay worked on it to complete it on time in modelling, rigging, drawing, designing, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, and more.

“Working on such a promotion is comparable to working on an animated serial, due to the number of scenes and characters used in it”, says Mohamed Dandrawi, Director of Red Dot Cairo.

Yousef Al Hammadi, Creative Head of Red Dot, added, “The good thing about 3D animation is that whatever modelled can be used in other projects, such as characters and locations, and this facilitates the effort in similar works in the future.”

Red Dot is known for its high capabilities in animation, especially the ones including 3D. It has done many successful projects in the past that won awards, appreciation and public satisfaction.

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